Podcast: A Tequila Deep Dive

on and off podcast david suro tequila book tequilas project Siembra Azul

In this episode, we’re joined by tequila connoisseur David Suro. He is founder of the Tequila Interchange Project, owner of the tequila brand Siembra Azul and the owner of Tequilas, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Philadelphia. Suro discusses opening a Mexican restaurant in 1986 during a “catastrophic” time for tequila, why he vehemently dislikes cristalino, and his concerns for the sustainability of agave growth and culture. He also talks about his new book on tequila, which you can purchase at this link: tinyurl.com/2c6cwcck — or by emailing him for a signed copy at davidgsuro@gmail.com.

Feature photo by Dylan Freedom on Unsplash.


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