Keystone Light The Hunt

Keystone Light The Hunt realtree real tree cammo
Keystone Light The Hunt.

Taking a cue from hunting season, hidden among seasonal packs of Keystone Light this fall are blaze orange cans featuring QR codes to win a variety of prizes.

For this returning promotion, Keystone Light in 2023 has teamed up with hunting lifestyle brand Realtree to offer fans a chance to win merch.

Now through this fall, fans who purchase Keystone Light The Hunt cases can scan the QR on Keystone Light for a chance to win. Anyone who finds blaze orange cans will automatically win merch from the Realtree Blaze Collection, such as cooler, jacket, flannel, beanie and more. 

Keystone Light The Hunt cases will be available in 15-, 24- or 30-pack sizes. Consumers can find Keystone Light via the product locator. Participants must be 21+ to enter.



    • is that something you’d be willing too sell? i’ve found the orange can EVERY YEAR since 2013 and i didn’t find it this year nor did anyone i know! i also work at a recycling plant and see 1000s of keystone cans daily and still haven’t found any!


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