Buffalo Trace Owner Sazerac Updates Single Barrel Program

Sazerac Company’s Single Barrel Select (SBS) program is now Sazerac Barrel Select (SBS), a new name reflecting Sazerac’s ongoing efforts to offer consumers and retailers more barrels, brands and drawings, including for Buffalo Trace.

Launched in 2015, SBS offers spirits enthusiasts the chance to select their own one-of-a-kind barrel.

“We’re so thankful for our fans, whose support of the barrel select program has helped it grow year after year,” says Diego Bianchi, Barrel Select General Manager. “Sazerac Barrel Select demonstrates our commitment to offering consumers access to a global portfolio of award-winning spirits, from bourbon to other whiskeys, tequila, rum and more.”


Sazerac Barrel Select has updated five areas of the program: supply, brand selection, transparency, drawing opportunities and experience. 

  • Supply– Sazerac is now allocating more barrels to the SBS program, with barrel allotment expected to increase every year. The SBS lot for 2023 includes a 70% increase from 2021 — including a 100% increase on barrels of Buffalo Trace.
  • Brand selection– For the first time, consumers have the chance to secure barrels of brands including Bowman Brothers, E.H. Taylor, Sazerac Rye and Stagg (previously only available to retailers). Additional brands, such as Paul John Single Malt, Corazón Tequila, Caribou Crossing Canadian Whisky and more, are planned for the future.
  • Transparency– Leveraging a new points system, consumers now have better clarity regarding how participants can get access to — and improve their chances of securing — barrels. Each SBS point is equal to one entry into barrel drawing events.
  • Drawing opportunities– The previous SBS program was “first come, first served,” which the company says proved too limiting. The new process offers four drawing events throughout the year, giving consumers multiple opportunities to secure a barrel.
  • Experience: Through a redesigned website and consumer account management platform, Sazerac aims to make it easier to understand the process and participate in the program. Sazerac has also added the capability to add any club affiliations, which will help further engage fans in the future.

For those looking to participate, points can be earned in multiple ways:

  • At a minimum, every individual signed up for an SBS account will receive one automatic entry and one point for each year they are a member, which will be distributed on Jan 1.
  • In tandem with the launch of SBS’ new name, consumers can earn two additional SBS points for completing individual brand preferences and confirming purchase readiness in their account.
  • Additional opportunities to accrue additional points are presented ad hoc throughout the year. These opportunities will be communicated to SBS members via email.

Consumers must have an account to receive and track points, which can be setup free of charge. Upcoming drawing events are scheduled for September and December 2023. To become an SBS member, or for more information on the points system and upcoming drawings, visit sazeracbarrelselect.com


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