Belvedere 10 Luxury Vodka

Belvedere 10 Vodka luxury premium
Belvedere 10 Vodka.

Belvedere Vodka has launched Belvedere 10.

Encased in a sculpted bottle, Belvedere 10 was crafted from the single harvest of one rye field, the company says.

The bottle stands ten levels tall, a reference to the liquid’s 10-step creation process. The white hue is meant to reflect the spirit’s purity, the company says, while its chiselled facets are intended to give off a diamond-like sparkle, a nod to the organic Diamond Rye used to make the spirit. 


Paying tribute to Belvedere’s origins, Belvedere 10 takes inspiration from the production process used in 1910 when the distillery first began.

Belvedere 10 starts with a single harvest of organic Diamond Rye, grown in a single field on an estate in north-east Poland. Crafted annually in small batches, the spirit rests for ten months, meant to improve its smoothness.


This spirit was distilled four times

On the nose is coconut, cacao and vanilla, with a hint of fresh lemon, the company reports. The palate brings light, honeyed sweetness, with caramel and green coffee, before a finish of nutty praline and rich dark cacao. 

Belvedere 10 is 80 proof. The suggested retail price is $150 per 750-ml. bottle.


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