EPGSI Uses AI for Beverage Industry Insights

EPG Specialty Information, a data provider covering the beverage alcohol segment, is now utilizing artificial intelligence to amplify industry insights and solutions. The company is using tools like ChatGPT to craft preliminary surveys for its consumer panels, as well as predict consumer personas used in its IMBIBE Reports.

“As a trusted B2B2C partner to the power and beverage alcohol industries and channels, it’s our responsibility to constantly innovate, ensuring our clients have the competitive edge they need,” says Andrew Esham, Managing Director of EPGSI. “Our innovative integration of AI tools demonstrates our commitment to this promise.”

When it comes to using AI tools for business, ethical considerations are paramount. EPGSI adopts a philosophy of “human intelligence first, artificial intelligence second.” This ensures that the deep industry knowledge and expertise inherent to EPGSI are the primary drivers, while AI tools are used to supplement their efforts. You can learn more about EPG Specialty Information, which is a sister company to the Beverage Information Group, at http://epgspecialtyinformation.com.



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