Firestone Walker Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout

Firestone Walker Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout seasonal beer craft
Firestone Walker Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout.

Firestone Walker has announced the return of Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout, a seasonal beer infused with Saigon cinnamon sticks and Madagascar vanilla beans.

Originally released in the fall of 2021, Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout now returns to the Firestone Walker lineup for only the second time. 

“Cinnamon Dolce was a bit of an instant classic for us, it rang all of the flavor bells for a fall-winter seasonal,” says Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “It was just a matter of time before we brought it back.”


The base Cinnamon Dolce stout is brewed with dark-roasted malts that impart hints of caramel and chocolate, the company reports. The beer is then infused with cinnamon and vanilla beans. Finally, the beer is nitrogenated for a creamy texture. 

Cinnamon Dolce Nitro Stout rolls out now out to all Firestone Walker markets in six pack (12-oz.can) and draft formats.


The vanilla beans come from Cook Flavorings, located in Firestone Walker’s hometown of Paso Robles. Third-generation vanilla purveyor Josephine Lochhead educated the brewing team on all things vanilla and steered them to cured Madagascar-grown beans for this seasonal stout. 

“Vanilla is a flavor amplifier, and the key is to use it in balance to enhance everything else that is going on in the beer,” Brynildson says. “Adding a bit of cinnamon makes for a really nice combination that provides a balancing point with the chocolaty character of the stout. This is a beer that fits the season perfectly.”

This follows the recent releases of Firestone Walker Another Life, Mystic Shadows IPAs.


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