White Claw Rolls Out Nonalcoholic Version

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White Claw 0% Alcohol.

With the no/low-alc movement in full swing, White Claw has revealed its latest innovation: White Claw 0% Alcohol seltzer.

After years of research, including development of a proprietary plant-based sweetener technology, White Claw says it has found a way to make beverages that maintain the taste and complexity of an alcoholic beverage, made non-alcoholic from the start.

White Claw 0% Alcohol features traditional White Claw flavors while adding hydrating electrolytes: 15 per 12 oz. can.


“The industry is ripe for disruption as demand for flavorful, non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise, but current options like excessively sweet mocktails, bland waters, and near-beers are disconnected from what today’s adult drinkers want,” says Phil Rosse, President, Mark Anthony Brands Inc. “White Claw 0% Alcohol paves the way for an entirely new adult beverage. Our newest breakthrough completely reimagines the idea of drinking by delivering the first ever elevated non-alcoholic choice with the complex taste and feel of a real drink that only White Claw can deliver.”

White Claw 0% Alcohol features four flavors, with 2 grams of sugar and 15 calories per 12 oz. can. These will be available in variety 12-packs and single flavor 6-packs:

  • White Claw 0% Non-Alcoholic Premium Seltzer Black Cherry Cranberry
  • White Claw 0% Non-Alcoholic Premium Seltzer Mango Passion Fruit
  • White Claw 0% Non-Alcoholic Premium Seltzer Peach Orange Blossom
  • White Claw 0% Non-Alcoholic Premium Seltzer Lime Yuzu

In time for Dry (or Damp) January, White Claw 0% Alcohol begins reaching retail shelves on January 1, 2024.

This follows the launch of White Claw Premium Vodka.


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