Blue Moon Dry January Incentive

Most people start Dry January with the best intentions but resolve often melts about halfway through the month. That’s why the second Friday in January — Jan. 12 this year — is known as Quitter’s Day.

To help Dry January participants make it through the month, Blue Moon is offering a sweetener. From Jan. 12 to Jan. 31, customers that buy a 6-pack of the new Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic brew can receive a Blue Moon 6-pack in February from the beer company. The Belgian-style witbier, brewed by Molson Coors, will even throw in a free orange so recipients can garnish their beers accordingly.

How to take part in Blue Moon’s Dry-Back January program? Customers age 21+ must submit their receipts at in the first week of February to claim a rebate used toward their next 6-pack of any Blue Moon product within the portfolio. 



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