Malibu Launches RTD Cocktails

Malibu RTS Cocktails rum punch Strawberry Daiquiri Pineapple Bay Breeze
Malibu RTS Cocktails.

With ready to drink alcoholic beverages seeing continued growth, Malibu has introduced its new Ready to Serve (RTS) Cocktails line.

This expands upon the brand’s portfolio of canned cocktails.

Flavors include Strawberry Daiquiri, Pineapple Bay Breeze and Rum Punch.


Malibu’s RTS is an early adopter of the Tetra Pack format, which the company says makes it easier to enjoy the cocktails on-the-go. The drinks come in a 1L bottle that contains about seven servings.

“We’ve seen the ready-to-serve category grow more than 70%1 in the past year, including a rise in rum drinks, which is a great opportunity for Malibu to deliver on what our consumers are looking for: easy and delicious cocktails,” says Matt Foley, Vice President of Marketing, Malibu. “With Malibu’s most popular tropical cocktails now available in a shareable format, this is the perfect option for getting together with friends and experiencing the summer mindset.”


To consume the new Malibu RTS, simply pour over ice.

The Malibu RTS Cocktails will be available nationwide this spring for a suggested retail price of of $14.99 per 1L bottle.


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