Captain Morgan Expands RTD Lineup

Captain Morgan Sliced Up rtds rtd
Captain Morgan Sliced RTDs.

Captain Morgan has introduced its newest ready-to-drink series, Captain Morgan Sliced.

This is a line of cocktail-inspired malt beverages:

  • Pineapple Daiquiri Style Beverage
  • Strawberry Margarita Style Beverage
  • Passionfruit Hurricane Style Beverage
  • Mango Mai Tai Style Beverage

“We didn’t just want to introduce another new canned drink — we wanted to slice through the ordinary with an offering that compliments the adventurous spirit of our consumers,” says Laura Merritt, CMO, Diageo Beer Company. “Captain Morgan has always been known and loved for its bold flavor, and we’re excited to shake up the category and introduce Captain Morgan Sliced to the world.”

Captain Morgan Sliced is available in a 12-count variety pack of 12-oz. cans with an ABV of 5.8%. It’s now available on shelves nationwide at a suggested retail price of $19.99 per pack.

Also new to shelves this month is Captain Morgan Sliced Up. It’s available in 23.5-oz. and 16-oz. can offerings of Long Island Iced Tea Style Beverage and Tropical Hurricane Style Beverage, with an ABV of 8%.



  1. Captain Morgan Sliced has truly redefined the ready-to-drink landscape with its innovative cocktail-inspired malt beverages. The variety of flavors, from Pineapple Daiquiri to Mango Mai Tai, showcases the brand’s commitment to bold and adventurous tastes. Cheers to Captain Morgan for slicing through the ordinary and introducing a delightful lineup that perfectly complements the spirited preferences of its consumers!


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