Grey Goose, Dirty Sue Launch VAPs

Grey Goose Dirty Sue VAP value added pack
Grey Goose Dirty Sue VAP.

Grey Goose and Dirty Sue, a maker of cocktail garnishes and an olive brine formulated for cocktails, have introduced three new martini cocktail value-added packs. 

Consumers will receive a free 4-oz. jar of Dirty Sue’s pimento stuffed cocktail olives with the purchase of a 750-ml. or 1.75-ml. bottle of Grey Goose vodka (SRP: $29.99 and $46.41, respectively), or a 750-ml. bottle of the ready to serve Grey Goose Classic Martini Cocktail (SRP: $29.99), which is blended with Grey Goose vodka, dry French vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters and makes eight to ten martini cocktails per 750-ml. bottle.
“Grey Goose is an all-time classic, just like the martini itself, and has been the gold standard in the super-premium vodka category since before I founded Dirty Sue twenty years ago,” says Dirty Sue founder Eric “ET” Tecosky. “From a business standpoint, this collaboration creates a discovery opportunity for consumers who love martinis and want to make amazing martinis at home, but are new to Dirty Sue.”
The Grey Goose vodka/Dirty Sue martini cocktail kits are now available across the U.S.


  1. This captivating post unveils the exciting collaboration between Grey Goose and Dirty Sue, offering a delightful fusion of premium vodka and expertly crafted cocktail garnishes. The added value packs create a perfect incentive for martini enthusiasts, making home mixology an elevated experience. Cheers to Grey Goose and Dirty Sue for bringing innovation and discovery to cocktail lovers nationwide!


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