Ron Barceló Unveils Three New Expressions

Ron Barceló has introduced three new expressions: Barceló Imperial Porto Cask, Barceló Imperial Mizunara Cask and Barceló Imperial Maple Cask. This collection is part of their Rare Blends Collection, aged for an extended time in barrels from different latitudes, the company states.

These three blends are all crafted from cane fields in the Dominican Republic, following an aging process in oak barrels with varying degrees of toast.

“We’re thrilled to bring three new expressions, Barceló Imperial Porto Cask, Barceló Imperial Maple Cask and Barceló Imperial Mizunara Cask to our consumers in the U.S.,” says Otto Flores, Brand Ambassador for Ron Barceló, in a news release. “These expressions are an exhilarating journey of flavors, offering a rare combination of silkiness and complexity. All three expressions are a testament to our commitment to push the boundaries of excellence and innovation in the world of rum.”

Barceló Imperial Porto Cask,

Debuting first, this expression undergoes additional aging in Tawny 10 port wine barrels from Portugal, the company states. Aromas include fig, wild fruit jams, English butterscotch and dried cherries with a wood note, according to distillery notes.

Barceló Imperial Maple Cask

This second highlight has a dark amber-brown color with reddish tones. It presents aromas of melted caramel, plum, vanilla and maple honey, according to the company. Crafted using maple wood, the rum undergoes eight-to-ten years of aging in ex-bourbon casks, followed by an additional year in maple staves.


Barceló Imperial Mizunara Cask,

The third in this collection is the result of aging the brand’s rums in oak barrels with varying degrees of toast. Following the blend, Mizunara Cask undergoes further aging in virgin Japanese oak barrels, the company states. The liquid has an amber color with coppery hints with notes of vanilla, sandalwood, coconut and ginger, the company says.

Barceló Imperial Porto Cask is now available at select fine wine and spirits retailers across the U.S. with an SRP of $59.99. Barceló Imperial Maple Cask and Barceló Imperial Mizunara Cask will launch later in 2024.


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