Hoplark Expands Sparkling Hop Water with Two New Flavors 


Hoplark has expanded its line of sparkling hop water product line with the introduction of two new flavors: Vanilla Bean + Simcoe Hops and Lemongrass + Lemondrop Hops. These new flavors are set to debut at Natural Products Expo West on March 13th, the company states.

These latest additions to Hoplark’s portfolio are made without the addition of sweeteners or extracts. The launch of Vanilla Bean + Simcoe Hops and Lemongrass + Lemondrop Hops is designed not only to further expand the flavor profile of Hoplark’s offerings but also to invite new consumers to explore the hop-based category, according to the company.

“In our journey to innovate within the non-alcoholic beverage space, we’ve always aimed to push the boundaries of flavor and ingredient integrity,” says Betsy Frost, CEO, in a news release. “With the introduction of Vanilla Bean + Simcoe Hops and Lemongrass + Lemondrop Hops, we’re not just expanding our product line; we’re redefining the possibilities of beverages brewed with hops. Our goal is to provide options that have a complexity to them with the simplest of ingredients. We have been playing around with flavor expansion in our limited release program for a while and consumers have been asking for more permanent options to expand the variety across occasions.” 

Vanilla Bean + Simcoe Hops and Lemongrass + Lemondrop Hops will be available for sale immediately on Hoplark’s website in conjunction with the Expo West launch, before rolling out nationally where Hoplark’s products are sold throughout the year, according to the company.



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