TTB Approves New Sizes for Canned Wine

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has added three new can sizes to the standard of fill for packaging canned wine: 200-ml., 250-ml. and 355-ml.

This comes as alternative packaging continues to gain popularity in the wine industry.

Winemakers can now sell individual cans in the popular 250-ml. size, as well as the common European size of 200-ml. Also, wine can be packaged in the 355-ml. size, which is the traditional 12-oz. beer can.

This final rule amends the TTB regulations that govern wine and distilled spirits containers to add seven new standards of fill for wine and distilled spirits. Although TTB had originally proposed to generally eliminate the standards of fill for wine and distilled spirits, TTB is not adopting that proposal at this time.

The amendments described in this final rule will provide bottlers with flexibility by allowing the use of the added container sizes, and will facilitate the movement of goods in domestic and international commerce, while also providing consumers broader purchasing options.




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