Greenbar Distillery Nonalcoholic RTDs

Greenbar Distillery Nonalcoholic RTDs

Los Angeles-based Greenbar Distillery has announced three new RTDs.

The trio of non-alcoholic RTDs includes Earl Grey Bitters+Soda, UnGin+Tonic and UnRum+Cola.

Each starts as an alcoholic spirit, and then has its alcohol stripped away during or after distillation, leaving behind the flavors of bitters, dry gin and blackstrap rum.


Tapping into both the premium RTD and nonalcoholic beverage trends, these new products are available in June in more than 30 states.

The suggested retail prices are $9.99 for a 12-oz. 4-pack of Earl Grey Bitters+Soda, and $11.99 each for 12-oz. 4-packs of UnGin+Tonic and UnRum+Cola.

“We developed these non-alcoholic drinks to meet the rising demand for cocktailing without the buzz but we wanted to do it without any compromise in flavor,” says Melkon Khosrovian, co-founder of Greenbar Distillery. “Unlike most of our competitors, we make all of our cocktails in-house using traditional fermentation, distillation and infusion techniques designed to capture the true aromas, flavors and textures of spirits.”

The new cocktails join Greenbar Distillery’s alcoholic Highballs, Spritz and non-alcoholic Bitters+Soda, bringing the company’s portfolio of USDA-certified organic canned cocktails to 11.


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