Sandeman Port Camila Nogueira Canister

Sandeman Port has announced the launch of its newest limited-edition canister for the brand’s Founder’s Reserve Ruby Port.

The canister was designed in collaboration with Portuguese artist Camila Nogueira.

Inspired by Sandeman’s 230-year history, Portuguese visual artist Nogueira looked into Sandeman’s past and created her own modern visual representation of the brand, the company says. Nogueira’s art is meant to be whimsical and magical, and she’s known for creating surreal worlds.


“I realized that there are some characters that have been part of Sandeman’s visual universe for a long time, and it inspired me to create a ‘Sandeman Paradise,’ with a more modern touch, transforming some of the existing characters and adding some new ones,” says Nogueira. “I tried to portray Sandeman’s diversity of aromas and flavors in the image, contrasting more somber colors with brighter, lighter ones, invoking a sense of dreaminess. I also decided to explore the bolder side of the brand, while maintaining its elegance, creating an image that invites us to explore and interpret — the way art always should.”

This is the second release created to reinforce Sandeman’s relationship with artists, its commitment to connect with the arts through special-edition designs inspired by the brand’s century-old advertisements and collaborations.  


The limited-edition canister is now available nationally in the U.S. at wine retailers.


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