Flying Embers Tropical Hops Hard Kombuchas

Flying Embers’ latest innovation is Tropical Hops, a collection of hard kombuchas made with a medley of fruits and hops. 

To create the Tropical Hops collection, Flying Embers took what they liked about IPA-style brews (bold flavor and high-ABV) and then got rid of the carbs, excess calories and gluten, the company says.

Like all of Flying Embers’ products, Tropical Hops have zero sugar and zero carbs.


They launch in the following flavors, with company-provided tasting notes:

  • Guava Citra: Bright, citrusy citra hop aromas with piney notes, balanced by sweet and tangy guava kombucha
  • Passionfruit Simcoe: Passionfruit kombucha flavors with sweet and sour notes, mellowed out by earthy simcoe aromas
  • Spicy Mango Mosaic: Bright, tropical mosaic aromas complemented by sweet ripe mango, and a bit of habanero spice on the finish



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