Paulaner Launches 0.0% Weizen Radler Beer

Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0% nonalcohol nonalcoholic beer no alc 0 0.0
Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0%.

Paulaner USA, the U.S. importer of the Paulaner Brewery portfolio among other beverage brands, has announced the launch of Paulaner Weizen Radler 0.0%.

“As the demand for non-alcoholic alternatives continues to rise in the United States, it is important for the brewery to craft a brew that meets the needs of this growing customer base,” says Steve Hauser, President and CEO of Paulaner USA. “We’re thrilled to release what we know to be a great choice for consumers searching for this alternative.”

This new product hits shelves this month.


This follows the release of the brand’s Münchner Lager 19.2 oz. can.



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