Tequila Ocho Introduces New Packaging

tequila ocho new packaging bottle single estate agave
Tequila Ocho has unveiled new packaging.

Tequila Ocho, a single-estate tequila brand, has unveiled a new global packaging design, unifying the look and feel of the brand worldwide.

“After having different branding and packaging in different parts of the world for so many years, we are thrilled to introduce this elegant new bottle to unite the brand globally,” says Tequila OCHO Global Brand Ambassador Jesse Estes. “The liquid remains unchanged, having been brought to life using only the highest quality raw material and production processes being used.”
Features of Tequila Ocho’s new packaging include:

  • The label paper has a “rustic” feel with “fingerprinting” texture throughout.
  • In keeping with tradition, the new front label lists the name of the single field in which the agaves grew, as well as the year of harvest and the altitude of the field. New to the front label are a bolder logo and prominent brand name, each in raised print.
  • Custom engraved wood cap, and new neck label reinforcing the single estate harvest details of each vintage.
  • The hand hammered-style, textured glass is meant to be bartender-friendly.
  • The new bottle is also slightly shorter.
  • For those with an appetite for knowledge, the rear label features a QR code which, when scanned, leads to Ocho’s website, with information about the field profile and characteristics, as well as the complete tasting notes for each vintage.

Rollout of the new packaging begins with the USA and Mexico in April, and will carry on globally throughout 2024.

This comes as the tequila category continues to grow in popularity and innovation.



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