Maker’s Mark Extends Wood Finishing Series with Whiskey Pair

Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series BRT-01 BRT-02 2022 makers bourbon whiskey
Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series BRT-01 and BRT-02.

Maker’s Mark Distillery has announced two new releases in its Wood Finishing Series: BRT-01 and BRT-02. They are meant to compare and contrast the different effects of rickhouse placement on whiskey.

As in the past, these new expressions showcase specific aspects of the bourbon-making process. In this case: barrel rotation.

Bourbon obviously owes a lot of its flavor to the barrel, much of which comes from the barrel’s reaction to different temperatures. Maker’s Mark hand-rotates barrels from the top to the bottom of their rickhouses, working towards equal exposure to temperatures over time for consistent flavors.


This two-part Wood Finishing Series release was made to be enjoyed as a pair, reflecting opposite ends of the rickhouse. BRT-01 represents tasting notes found at the hotter top of the rickhouse, while BRT-02 highlights tasting notes from the cooler bottom.

On the nose, BRT-01 has a nose of caramel and butterscotch mixed with a sweet spice, the company reports. The palate is bright with brown sugar and stone fruit, before a finish that’s warm and toasty, paired with hints of honey. It’s bottled at cask strength at 109.4 proof.


BRT-02 has an aroma of seasoned oak nuttiness combined with molasses, the distillery says. Flavors include dark fruit and chocolate with baking spices, plus a finish that’s viscous and round. Like its partner, BRT-02 comes bottle at cask strength, 109.4 proof.

Both launch this fall for a suggested retail price of $59.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

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