Retail Masterminds Group Holds Successful First Meeting

With the four months of sampling of the Beverage Dynamics Retail Mastermind Group, it is our intent to demonstrate the high-quality guest experts we will all get to visit with each month.

Having Dr. Joseph Michelli for the September program demonstrates that as will the October guest we will introduce in a moment. Dr. Michelli studies staff engagement and customer service. Fortune 500 companies have entrusted Dr. Michelli to tell the inside story of their companies in New York Times bestselling books.

As one store owner said after the September program, “Joseph was great! Summed it all up in the first 20 minutes. Goes to show quality vs quantity prevails, even in presentations. I found his advice spot on, and what we’ve been trying to do, yet have not been successful as of today, in regards to empowering the employees and getting their buy in to our vision and purpose.”


Our guest for October is Chris Ramey, who is known as America’s leading expert on selling to affluent customers. Chris Ramey is the most highly regarded and most often quoted authority on best business practices to serve affluent customers, including classic luxury marketing, service and experience, branding, culture, loyalty, sales and marketing strategies/tactics. 

With all of the guest experts, they are individuals that not only we individually would not find, but their consulting fees would also require a sizable investment on your part. That is why the investment in the Beverage Dynamics Retail Mastermind Group makes sense.


Let’s talk about the key performance indicators (KPIs) research starting in January and membership. We visited this past week with an owner who has established their sales and profit goal for 2024. The challenge in getting to those goals is the owner does not know what aspects of their business to focus on – opportunities and deficiencies.

With your participation in the Beverage Dynamics Retail Mastermind Group, not only are more than a dozen KPIs tracked and reported for your store, you receive a report that lets you compare your store to the group average. Now that is a valuable tool for each member!

The next Beverage Dynamics Retail Mastermind Group will meet on Thursday, October 12 at 11:00 am Eastern. For more information, contact facilitator Tom Shay at


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