Anheuser-Busch Discontinues Oculto, Mixxtails, Other New Beers

Like first-season sitcoms that failed to catch on, a number of new beers from Anheuser-Busch that did not generate an audience will be pulled.

This according to an article this week from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The news story reports that AB will halt production of Octulto, Mixxtails, Budweiser Black Crown, Busch Signature, Michelob Ultra Light Cider, Beck’s Dark and Beck’s Sapphire.

All the brands will end next spring. Wholesalers have reportedly been notified of the discontinuation.

Oculto is a tequila-flavored beer that was launched last year in an attempt to gain market share among Millennials. Mixxtails are cocktail-inspired brews that are 8% ABV and come in the flavors Long Island, Firewalker and Hurricane.

In an email to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, an AB spokesperson wrote, “Anheuser-Busch is consistently looking for ways to optimize our portfolio and deliver the right brands at the right time . . . As part of that continual evaluation, we’ve decided to discontinue or re-align a selection of low-volume brands and flavor variants this spring. This proactive approach to will allow us to prioritize our core offerings and make room for exciting new products.”


  1. David Koenig Reply

    Have been drinking Becks Dark most of my adult life, very hard to think it will no longer be available. Well good by AB there is nothing you can replace it with. Looks like the sissy’s are taking over a man’s world.

  2. D Weber Reply

    Was drinking and enjoying Black Crown till it disappeared from the shelves then Busch signature came along and was pleased with it’s flavor as well.
    what is it with you brewers anyway? Just because there’s a bunch of craft beers floating around screwing up the market You can’t stick with a good thing?

  3. Kevin Reply

    I too will be boycotting all anhowzerbush products from now on. Im going to have to move to Germany to get anything like Becks Dark. Idiots.

  4. Steve Reply

    I loved the mixxtail hurricane and am disappointed there isn’t anything similar I can enjoy. It’s the only bud product I liked so I guess it’s back to Miller lite.

  5. Monica Reply

    I too enjoyed the mixxtail hurricane and am really upset that it is discontinued. Dont bring in something good then get rid of it. There was a high demand for this product in my area! ugh

  6. Don Reply

    Been drinking Becks Dark since the ’80s and am very upset with this decision – since It was the only AB product I drink, there goes all those sales! I’ll never drink another AB product again.

  7. Marjory Ratkowski Reply

    Please bring back the mixxtail hurricane. There are so many people in my town, Bronson, MI., that drink it. The grocery stores in our neighboring towns couldn’t keep it in the shelves. It sold out as soon as it was put out. I would but all they had if it was there.
    Please reconsider.

  8. Ruth Mahoney Reply

    Too bad Occulto discontinued. My hubby really liked it.

  9. Robert Schelhas Reply

    I too am very disappointed that A.B has discontinued making BECKS DARK BEER.
    I am 61 years old and have enjoyed Becks Dark almost 40 years .
    When I was told that A.B. had discontinued Becks Dark I could not believe it.
    I returned home from the store and had to Goggle it.
    I never liked Budweiser or any other beer made by Anhiserbush, then they buy a German brewery and
    hurt its customer base.
    Thanks for ruining my beer drinking Pleasure.
    East Meredith N.Y.

  10. MBush Reply

    I supplied Oculto to the neighborhood and we all thought it was great. Sorry to see it go..I there anyplace in the Northwest that still has some. I will buy it all. MBush 2535652042

  11. Jim Record Reply

    Busch discontinued my favorite Beer, so I’m discontinuing Busch, they have gone to Hell anyway since they sold out to Belgium

  12. Rebecca Reply

    Oculto became my favorite beer when they lunched I am so pissed it is no longer available.

  13. joe r Reply

    Loved Becks Sapphire. I have a 12 pack ill have to hide for a very special occasion. AB dropped the ball.

  14. Jennifer F Barnard Reply

    I am so MAD that the mixx tails have been discontinued!!!!! What were you thinking….They sold out as soon as they were stocked!!!! You need to bring them back.

  15. Shirlee Reply

    I really liked the Long Island ice tea why bring something good then take it away how can we bring it back

  16. Jennifer Snyder Reply

    Oculto was the first and only beer i got addicted to,,i love,love,love it!! You are horrible to discontinue this product before it could really take off you didn’t give it a chance
    I won’t but any of your products now! I’m that mad

  17. Vicki Grier Reply

    I loved the Mixx Tails. I don’t drink much, but when I was introduced to Mixx Tails Hurricane, I fell in live with it and now it’s gone. Please reconsider, Macon, Ga was a good market for it.. #bringBackMixxTail!!

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