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  • WindVane 2015 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

    Freixenet USA has announced the national release of a pinot noir and Chardonnay from its new luxury brand WindVane. The 2015 WindVane Carneros Pinot Noir (SRP: $45) and 2015 Chardonnay (SRP $40) this month... Read More »

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  • Independent Barrel Aged Rum

    Independent Distilling Company has unveiled its new Independent Barrel Aged Rum. Made from table–grade molasses, this American craft rum aged in new and used oak barrels. Flavors include butterscotch, oaky vanilla, floral,... Read More »
  • Plungerhead 2015 Petite Sirah

    3 Badge Beverage Corporation has introduced a petite sirah to its Plungerhead line of wines this summer, and has unveiled a significant packaging redesign for the brand. In addition... Read More »
  • Newport Storm Rhode Trip New England IPA

    Newport Storm Brewery this June will release the first batch of its New England IPA: Rhode Trip. This hazy, unfiltered, yellow-orange IPA has juicy hop flavors, the company says, and aromas of... Read More »
  • Monin Margarita Mix

    Monin has announced Monin Margarita Mix. This is a blend of lemon and Persian limes, sweetened with agave nectar, the company says. Monin Margarita Mix can make margaritas on the rocks or frozen. It’s... Read More »
  • Fabriquero Sotol

    Fabriquero Sotol, a collection of traditional distillates produced in the Denomination of Origin Sotol, has launched its first product from the Mexican state of Durango. Fabriquero Sotol Durango is... Read More »
  • MYX Sinner Red Wine

    MYX Fusions has announced MYX Sinner, a new red wine. The latest addition to the Nicki Minaj wine line, MYX Sinner is made from 100% California grapes. Winemaker Kryss Speegle... Read More »
  • Santa Julia Tintillo Red Blend

    Santa Julia has announced their latest release: Tintillo. This is a low-tannin red wine blend with fresh acidity, a mix of 50% malbec and 50% bonarda, recommended to be served chilled between... Read More »
  • Monin Watermelon Flavors

    Monin has released new watermelon flavors. Monin’s Classic Watermelon Syrup and Watermelon Fruit Puree are ideal for summer cocktails. They showcase sweet watermelon flavors. The retail price for the Classic Watermelon... Read More »
  • Kinky Green Liqueur

    Prestige Beverage Group has announced the launch of Kinky Green Liqueur   This is a fusion of green apple and pear flavors with five-times-distilled vodka.   Kinky Green Liqueur joins the Kinky Beverages family,... Read More »